The Wink Beauty Lounge Lash Extensions

Our extensions are uniquely designed for your beauty. We use the largest
variety of lengths, curl patterns, diameters and colors to give each client a
custom look every time enhancing your natural gorgeous.

Classic All-Out Eyelash Extensions

We apply one eyelash extension to as many viable eyelashes as possible.
Perfect if you prefer a natural look with some help in the length department.

We recommend a fill every two to three and a half weeks.

Hybrid All-Out Eyelash Extensions

The combination of volume eyelash extensions and classic eyelash extensions.
Up to four stacked extensions on each natural lash for more volume than our
Classic Lash Set. Extensions are selected and custom stacked based on how
many each natural lash can hold without damage.

We recommend a fill every two to three and a half weeks.

Volume All-Out Eyelash Extensions

We apply 2-6 eyelash extensions to every viable eyelash. The maximum
fullest set you can get! Our most dramatic, fullest lash look. Fans are custom
built based on a client’s natural lashes (thicker and more plentiful natural lashes
can hold a darker and more dramatic design).

We recommend a fill every two to three and a half weeks.

Lower Lash Extensions

Want to add serious drama to your eyes. Have your lash artist apply lash
extensions to your lower lashes.

Prices starting at $60

Eyelash Extension Fills

You’ve had your initial full set, and they’ve fallen out; it’s time to get them
filled to maintain them. As your eyelashes grow out, you will likely need a
complete removal at some point to start fresh.

Classic Fill
Hybrid Fill
Volume Fill

Lash Lift & Tint

Give your natural lashes lift, curl, and definition instantly! This is a low
maintenance option with seven different curl types for curlier lashes. Results may
last 10-12 weeks! This is a time-sensitive appointment so please arrive on time.
Late arrivals may result in rescheduling and a forfeiture of deposit. Please arrive
without eye makeup and avoid wearing waterproof mascara the day before
your lash lift. Please do not wear contact lenses to this appointment.


Brows Alt Page Two-min.jpg

Brow Cleanup

A quick tweeze and trim, for more frequent visits.
Makeup can be applied to complete the look.

Brow Shaping

Wax or sugar may be used for the majority of the hair removal.
Brows are also trimmed. Makeup is applied to complete the look.

Brow Tint

A semi-permanent color customized for you is applied to your brows,
bringing forth hairs that usually go unnoticed and placing a temporary stain
on the skin that acts as a guide to follow with your favorite brow makeup to
recreate the shape at home. Best when paired with a brow shaping.

Tint usually lasts four to six weeks.

Brow Shaping & Tint

Shaping and Tint services paired together.